Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Concept Map

This is our concept map we created in class on Tuesday. It involves making word lists, pros and cons, as well as a creative mind map. We were able to branch out several ideas from just a simple can opener.  Hopefully one of them will be pretty cool.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Object of Bad Design

For my object of bad design I chose a horrible can opener.  The can opener is uncomfortable, dull, rusted, and takes forever to open a can; pretty much everything you DON'T want in a can opener.

Reading Assignment

Throughout the reading assignment I learned a lot about how to use word lists as well as the different types of ways to develop ideas.  Starting with freewrites, which is simply to just write about the topic, and then moving too looping, which is a way to direct yourself back to freewriting.  Also, there is brainwriting which is pretty much just brainstorming.  Not only did the packet stress upon the aspects of freewriting, but also how concept maps work.  Concept maps are an exploration of ideas that wrap around a central concept.  After the fact of developing your concepts you then need to examine your results and refine your ideas and gatherings.  Finally, the packet focused on mind maps.  Mind maps give visual for to ideas.  They help in getting your creative juices flowing.  Most mind maps are done in simple pencil and pens, however, some mind maps are now done digitally.  After the mind maps have been constructed, the examination comes in.  This is the period in which you reflect upon your ideas and then you emerge your relationships between them to come to a more concrete central idea.

IDEO video blog

During class we watched a video of the IDEO company making a super shopping cart. I learned how to use different types of imagination as well as problem solving.  The way that their specific focus groups each came up with ideas and then applied them to every day life was very interesting.  I learned also that practicality and imagination can even be combined in one.  They proved that having a corky sense of humor, a fun and wild imagination, and being able to use proper concepts of design can create an awesome object.  Even if it is a shopping cart.