Monday, August 29, 2011

Typography Questions 2

1) Weight: The density or the lightness of the individual letterforms
2) Width: How wide a letterform becomes for extending or compressing
3) Style: Variations in thickness of stroke in letterforms tat emphasize the appearance of certain characters
4) Font: Font refers to a specific size and style of a given typeface
5) Typeface: Typeface describes a complete alphabet including letters, numerals, punctuation marks, accents, special reference marks, etc.
6) X-Height:The height of the lowercase
7) Cap Height: The height of capital letterforms
8) Leading: The spacing between the lines of letters
9) Letterspacing (Tracking): The practice of inserting tiny spaces between words set in capitals or in small capitals to make more agreeable to the eye
10) How is type measured?: Traditionally, type is measured in points
11) Point: The unit used for the measurement of letterforms
12) Pica: A printer's unit of type size that is equal to 12 points, about 1/6 of an inch
13) How many points in an inch?: A point is equivalent to 1/72 of an inch. 1 inch= 72 points
14) If a letter is set in 36 points, how many inches tall is it?: .5 inch
15) How many picas in an inch: six
16) How many points in a pica?: 12 points in a pica

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